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Minjung Kim
05 May 2020 @ 10:25 am

Hi ! So this will be my first Livejournal post ever! YAY~
Not sure what to use this for, but hey, if it's a blog, I guess the
uses of it are similar to what I use my blog at naver.com for...
absolutely random posts about Arashi, sometimes the lastest news..
and random rants and vents :) So since it is my first post, I thought
I would just start off by mentioning  some obvious but some
not so obvious things about myself;

I am an Arashi fan living in the United States :)
I'm mostly active in the Korean Arashi fandom, but some how
got to LJ a couple weeks ago ! So yes, I am Korean and some of you
may or may not know this term, but I am also pretty much
close to being a fob even though I moved to the states when I was fairly little :/
My ichiban in Arashi is none other than the
tennen [天然(てんねん)] Keio Boy, Sakurai Sho :D
I am in college as a political science major, and I love it :) A little heads-up/warning..
I may rant about a specific politician.. or current issue in politics.. or especially
a debate I may have watched, so beware! >_<

Those posts, you can just simply ignore since I just post them
to get my thoughts off my chest :D Anyway, although I have been a
part of the Korean Arashi fandom for several years, I am new to LJ.. so..
よろしくね! (*^▽^*)

Minjung Kim
26 February 2016 @ 12:03 am
Hello Everyone!

I am significantly downsizing my Arahi goods collection because I will be moving soon.
I am shipping from the United States and prefer to ship domestically, but I am willing to ship internationally as well.
Please keep in mind that international shipping from the US is very very pricey :/

-I only accept Paypal as a method of payment.
-All sales are FINAL.
-Shipping costs are the buyer's resposibilty but I will try to get the best price for you.
-I am not responsible for lost packages.
-Please check the beginning of each SECTION for pricing

Please leave all inquiries with the following:
1) Item(s) you are interested in (Please include Section and Number; ie: SectionI #2, SectionII #7)
2) County (Zip code, if you are in the US)

All comments will be screened.

SectionI. CDs/DVDs

*All CDs and DVDs are BRAND NEW, UNOPENED First Press Limited Edition unless otherwise speficied.
*All CDs are $20 (USD) $15USD unless otherwise specified

1. Arashi-Bittersweet LE (BRAND NEW, UNOPENED)
2. Arashi-Endless Game LE (BRAND NEW, UNOPENED)
3. Arashi-Calling x Breathless LE (BRAND NEW, UNOPENED)
4. Arashi-Your Eyes LE (BRAND NEW, UNOPENED)

5. Arashi- Wild at Heart LE (BRAND NEW, UNOPENED)
6. Arashi- Breathless x Calling LE (BRAND NEW, UNOPENED)
7. Arashi- Face Down LE (BRAND NEW, UNOPENED)
8. Arashi- Hatenai Sora LE (BRAND NEW, UNOPENED)

9. Arashi- To Be Free (BRAND NEW, UNOPENED)
10. Arashi- Monster LE (BRAND NEW, UNOPENED)
      Purchase with RE version for $3 off
11. Arashi-Love Rainbow LE (BRAND NEW, UNOPENED)
12. Arashi- Dear Snow LE (BRAND NEW, UNOPENED)

14. Arashi- Ashita no Kioku / Crazy Moon LE (BRAND NEW, UNOPENED)
15. Arashi- Troublemaker LE (BRAND NEW, UNOPENED)
16. Arashi- Crazy Moon / Ashita no Kioku LE (BRAND NEW, UNOPENED)

17. Arashi- All the Best 1999-2009 RE (opened, like new condition) - $10 $7
18. Arashi- One Love RE (BRAND NEW, UNOPENED) - $7 SOLD
19. Arashi- Monster RE (BRAND NEW, UNOPENED) - $7  $5
        purchase with LE version for $3 off

20. Arashi Live Tour Beautiful World LE (BRAND NEW, UNOPENED; there is a slight imperfection on the plastic cover but it was never opened and the DVD itself is in BRAND NEW condition) - $35  SOLD

21. Arashi Live Tour Popcorn LE (BRAND NEW, UNOPENED) - $35  SOLD

SectionII. Magazines / Photobooks

*All magazines are $3 (USD) unless otherwise specified
*All Magazines / Photobooks are in excellent condition unless otherwise noted (as you can tell by the pictures, I keep them in plastic sleeves)
*Magazines that do not have Arashi on the cover with a yellow post it indicates that there is at least one Arashi pin up included in it

-Aiba, Sho, MatsujunSOLD, Ohno cover Wink Up : $4
-Nino cover Wink Up : $2 (fair condition, imperfection on cover; pictured)
      Buy AIBA, SHO, MATSUJUN, OHNO covers and get Nino cover FREE

(From Left to Right)
1. Arashi cover Wink Up #A
2. Arashi cover Wink Up #B
3. Arashi cover Wink Up #C
4. Arashi cover Wink Up #D

5. Wink Up 2010/1
6. Wink Up 2010/2
7. Wink Up 2010/3
8. Wink Up 2010/4
9. Wink Up 2010/5
10. Wink Up 2010/6

11. Wink Up 2010/7
12. Wink Up 2010/10
13. Wink Up 2011/7
14. Wink Up 2012/3
15. Wink Up 2009/3

16. Duet Arashi Cover #A
17. Duet Arashi Cover #B
18. Duet Hey Say Jump Cover
19. Duet Arashi Cover #C

20. Potato Arashi Cover #A
21. Potato Arashi Cover #B
22. Potato Arashi Cover #C

23. Potato Hey Say Jump Cover
24. Potato 2010/11

25. Myojo Hey Say Jump Cover
26. Myojo Kanjani Cover

(From Left to Right)
27. Poporo #1
28. Poporo #2  SOLD

29. Sakurai Sho Anan - $10 SOLD

30. Sakurai Sho TV Guide - $5  SOLD

31. Arashi Switch - $8

32. Sakurai Sho Cut - $10 pending  SOLD
33. Arashi Cut - $10
34. Kaibutsukun Cut - $5

35. Ninomiya Kazunari Mens Non-no
36. Arashi More
37. Arashi H - $5  SOLD

38. Aiba Masaki Orisuta - $2
39. Arashi Orisuta #A - $2
40. Arashi Orisuta #B - $2
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42. Arashi is Alive Photobook - $18   $13
43. Arashi Pikanchi Photobook - $18  $13

44. Arashi Around Asia Photobook - $18    $13
45. Arashigoto Photobook - $15    $10
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2. Beautiful World Group File
3. Aiba File

4. 5x10 Group File
5. 5x10 Aiba File
6. 5x10 Sho File

7. Waku Waku Gakkou Ohno File
8. Waku Waku Gakkou Sho File
9. Waku Waku Gakkou Mastujun File
10. Waku Waku Gakkou Nino File
11. Waku Waku Gakkou Aiba File
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Unavailable : #5, #10

The above pictures show mostly NEWS singles (with one SMAP and one Hirai Ken) all opened and in varying conditions.

Missed out on the freebies listed above? NO WORRIES!
Every purchase will come with a freebie of some sort. The more you purchase, the more / better freebies!
Minjung Kim
I am going to be talking about something Aiba Masaki has said in one of
their shows some years ago, "Arashi is an ordinary (low-mid class) idol" and I plan to
prove just how wrong this statement was!!

*note: this information was taken from blog.naver.com/che0324 in 2009.
Therefore, it is very out of date and may be the case that the products mentioned
are not being used by the Arashi members anymore*

Proof #1: Sakurai Sho
Known to be the young master of the wealthy Sakurai 家

Model: New BMW 3 Series
Price: $35,000~55,000
**The price may vary from the prices in the US and Japan

Yes, the infamous BMW. Although not the higher classes in the BMW
series, it really looks like a car that a news caster would drive *-*...

Model: Louis Vuitton IPOD Case White Monogram Multicolor
Price: Approximately $300

even little accessories like this, the infamous Sakurai Sho-sama does not
hesitate to spend.. An Ipod case MORE expensive than an ipod itself.. In Korean idioms,
there is this saying, "the belly button larger than the stomach" and this is a perfect example..

Model: BOSS QuietComfort2(QC2)
Price: Approximately $3850

He's even picky about his headphones.. ultimate noise cancelling and comfort;
even the simple act of listening to music on an ipod already costs $4000.

Model: PANERAI Watch
Price: $3000~7000 (Not all Panerai watches fall under this price range)

The infamous brand, Panerai, with a lot of wealthy customers all around the globe.
The model Sho is wearing is one of the lower line models. But even as a
Lower line model, it can be anywhere from $3000 to $7000.
Personally, this is my favorite out of the other two I will be mentioning!

Model: IWC Pilot's Watch Chronograph Automatic IW371713
Price: Approximiately $15,000

I have already mentioned this in a previous post, but here it is again; the IWC
Pilot's watch. the model Sho is wearing, the price of an automobile.
on his wrists. while he happily goofs around. I wouldn't be able to to goof around
like that if I had something like that on my wrists.

Model: Breguet Type XX Transatlantique fly-back chronograph 3820ST/H2/9W6
Price: Approximately $12,000

And yes, here is the truely infamous BREGUET watch. Watches from this brand are at a
minimum $5000 and some even go up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Comparing to that,
Sho-kun is only wearing the lower line of this brand. But still.. even if it's a lower line..

Proof #2: Ninomiya Kazunari
Said to be a kid, and has a stingy, cheap side to him, but likes luxurious items...;;;;

Model: chrysler PT Crusier Cabriolet A/T
Price: $32,500

Just as most people know it, the stingy Ninomiya Kazunari's car isn't the most
luxurious.......compared to the rest of the Arashi members' cars.... $30,000
for a car, I'd say is pretty luxurious enough..


Model: ROEN Jumper
Price: Approximately $1500

The letterman jacket that is already a hot issue among Arashi fans in Korea.
Did you really need to pay $1500 for a jacket? Your image of being the
stingy, not-money-spending is all the lie, right?

Model: +8 PARIS ROCK Snow White T-shirt
Price: Approximately $120

At first, thinking it was only a pretty shirt, after knowing the price, put many fans
in shock. The cheapest of the things that were mentioned in the post, but
$120 for a shirt?...

Model: ROLEX Yacht-Master
Price: Approximately $9000~10,000

The easily noticable shiney rolex watch on Kazu's fragile little wrists..
So you might ask, "I thought he was stingy. Why does he have a Rolex watch?"
And my answer to you is: that watch was a gift from the wealthy young master,
Sakurai Sho....... Claiming to be an ordinary idol.... giving gifts that are overwhelmingly titanic.. (what?)

Model: CHANEL Suit
Price: Approximately $2000~$10,000 (as the exact model is unknown, this price range shows the
cheapest to the most expensive brand of Chanel Suits)

The suit he wore to "A Letter from Iwojima" stage. Wearing the famous Chanel brand
suit! The cheapest Chanel suit is known to be $2000... And again, this was a gift from the
young master.. Sho-kun must have a money tree growing in his back yard..

Proof #3: Aiba Masaki
The very person who claimed Arashi was an ORDINARY (low-mid class) idol

Model: porsche Cayman NEW 2007 A/T
Price: $69,720

Here it is. Everyone man's dream car...! Thanks to Masaki for getting his picture
taken semi nude infront of this baby by Friday magazines LOL

Model: Louis Vuitton Bracelet
Price: Approximately $700

Masaki has been seen wearing this bracelet, not only in this picture but other instances as well.
This little thing is $700... and he likes to wear it.. If it were me, I'd be scared of losing it..
or getting it dirty.. or breaking it......

Model: Louis Vuitton Multicolor Burcle Belt Black
Price: Approximately $610

Another Louis Vuitton. It's known to be one of Aiba's favorite brands..
Yeah, I like this brand too. I just don't have the money to afford anything I want
from this brand.. The last bag I bought, I had to save up... and now I'm broke.
But this guy just... buys whatever he wants.. Maa-kun, please be considerate
of your parents working very hard at Keitarou and hold back a little on buy luxury items!
Although it's not like he's asking for money from his parents.........

Proof #4: Matsumoto Jun
Not much known about Jun, but his face says it all, "I like luxury"


Model: Land Rover
Price: $80,000 (May be different from the prices sold in Japan)

A car that I didn't imagine Jun would ride. I imaged something more sporty. But
if he likes it, hey, go for it.

But, there is a rumor that he lives in one of the richest parts of Tokyo and
bought a rediculously expensive villa/house with a single contract, ie, in ONE payment.

Model: Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.
Price: Approximately $270,00~540,000

Rumored to be Jun's car before the Land Rover (not sure if it's accurate) Now this looks more lik Jun.
But.. we ARE talking about a Lamborghini here.. about the price of a HOUSE...
Was this man really capable of buying this kind of car?? WOW ..
The gap between me and Jun has just gotten wider......................

Catagory: Club
Name: Ageha
Location: Tokyo, Shinkiba

Known to be one of Jun's favorite places to "hang." A club known for many famous
celebrities hang out places, and also one of the largest in size. Stage, sound, equipment,
lighting is all said to be the top quality here in Ageha. Of course it would be. Jun wouldn't
just walk into any old club.. of course he only settles for top quality, right??

Proof #5: Ohno Satoshi
The member of Arashi that gave Korean fan's the most shock.. A car you say? he didnt
get his license for the longest time.. there isn't much known about our leader, though.


He says he isn't really into accessories and what not.. but... that necklace that is lightly positions around his neck..
isn't just any old necklace..
Model: Loree Rodkin Half Moon/Star Pendant
Price: Approximately $3210 (As of May 27)

One pendant for $3000!! but he didn't have just this pendant around his neck. He had
the skull pendant and cross pendant.. and plus the chain.. probably well over the price
of a car if you put that all together.. T_T Rumored that someone gave it to him
as a present.. who would give that kind of present... is it the young master once again?...........

And there you have it. The inaccuracy of Aiba's coment, "Arashi is an ordinary (low-mid class) idol."
Knowing all this just widens the gap between me and Arashi.. just reminds me of how
out of reach I am.. just how much of a different world we live in T_____T
But Arashi wouldn't be 嵐 if they didn't live their lives as spectacular as their name, right? :)
Minjung Kim
24 May 2012 @ 07:02 pm


when the pre-orders for the Arashi Beautiful World tour DVD
opened up, I missed it!!! because I was thinking SO hard
on whether to get it or not............ and by the time I had
given it some good thought, it pre-orders closed..........
and there was no way I could get a Limited Edition DVD for a reasonable price......

Yes, I was thinking for a very long time. Those concert DVDs
cost fortunes... Arashi goods in general cost fortunes.........

When I was in the Shinhwa fandom BACK in the days.. (like BACKKKK
in the days) concert DVDs were like anywhere from $30 to $50
at most. I think. I don't really remember because I was in elementary
school so all of the buying was done by my parents lo
Well, from what I can remember, CD albums were around $15-20
and released once a year and singles were around $5-10..............

But what? Arashi ? what??? what???
Singles released ON AVERAGE 3-4 times a year and WHAT?
$30???????  or MORE if you miss the pre-order????????
that's the cost of a kpop concert DVD...........
yet... I still buy them...... in fact, I've been hunting for Arashi goods
for the past month and a half or so and spent over $500. is that
crazy, or what. LOL

It's no wonder that they can wear little accessories like
watches that cost about the price of a... oh.. a little bit low class...
Yes, by car, I mean AUTOMOBILE

Yes, that little watch he is wearing:
Model: IWC Pilot's Watch Chronograph Automatic IW371713
Approximately $15,000.00
Look at him, all happy and showing off his muscles.....
If I was wearing something like that, I wouldn't be able to move my arms.

Well anyways, this little rant was not the point of this post.... haha
The point of this post is that....................
I'm going to get a copy of the Arashi Beautiful World tour DVD tomorrow! at a local Kinokuniya!
I always loved that store..... since they stock on past
LE Arashi singles from time to time at regular cost price ^^

Now that the DVD is released and everyone is talking about their copies
being delivered to them.... I really wanted one..... and I was like well.. its too late T_T
BUT I just had a wild thought of calling Kinokuniya and asking if they were
going to stock on the LEs and they said it will come in TOMORROW !!!!!!!!!

It's still not the cheapest thing ever, but its way less than what I would pay
to get it for from a fellow fan
. Plus, there's no shipping fee :D WEEEEE~
Minjung Kim
24 May 2012 @ 05:34 pm
So here it is,
My random rant about politics.
It probably doesn't concern many people,
so please, do not feel obligated to read!

It may be the most boring thing you have read in a while.
That's if you don't care much about politics or how our government runs.
If you do, then you might find this post interesting and rather scary.

Anyway, here goes. Approach with caution. A LOT of wordsCollapse )
Minjung Kim
23 May 2012 @ 01:59 pm
Just a random thought that just popped into my head as I was trying
to read some of the interviews Arashi did in some magazines;
As I was having a hard time with some of the Kanji, forced to use the
Kanji dictionary constantly, I just thought of Aiba... haha

How he has a hard time reading some Kanji himself ^^ lol
I find that to be the most adorable thing ever ! As there were several
instances in various shows of him messing up the readings of kanji.
For example:

[Video from net3013.blog.me]

-Aiba-kun onegaishimasu
-Ah, I should go with "talent"
-That's a good choice
-I will go with "talent"~

たて Tussle ○
さつじん Murder x

-I knew you were going to read it like that!
No way that Kuroki Meisa's talent will be to "murder"

-I thought she might have "taken care of" several people..
-The Kanji is different right? The Kanji is different than what you know
-A genius decended LOL

Seriously! What a genius boy HAHAHA I remember laughing
SUPER hard when I watched this part LOL

But okay, I get that some kanji are hard to read even for Japanese people!
What makes me wonder is...
I forget what episode or even what show it was,
(maybe G no Arashi or Shimura Doubutsuen) but Aiba was
stuttering on reading some katakana and he said "My katakana skills are weak" LOL

and then here's his dilemma:
In Arashi no Shukudai Kun with Ueto Aya, Aiba had to read something
that was converted to hiragana and he stuttered and again said "My hiragana skills are weak"
and then Sho-kun was like "what CAN you read?" LOLLOL

Oh~ Aiba, this is what makes you, YOU~